Child Care Feedback Survey for Licensing Specialists


It is the policy of the Colorado Department of Human Services ("the State Department") to promote and encourage child care in environments that contribute to the safety, health, protection and well-being of children. To verify compliance with standards intended to ensure such an environment, the State Department requires thorough and ongoing appraisals of child care facilities, persons working in the child care profession, and the nature of care provided.


A Child Care Center is required to be licensed.  


Applying for a Child Care Center License 


The links below contain the information and forms you need to apply for a license to operate a Child Care Center. It is very important for you to complete all of the application requirements. Allow approximately ninety (90) days to become licensed after the Division of Child Care receives your completed application packet. Child care rules and finger print cards may be ordered from State Forms.


Your application packet will contain the following items:


A completed application package and licensing fee must be submitted to the Division of Child Care at least 90 days prior to the proposed opening date of the facility. After approval of the application package, a licensing specialist schedules an inspection of the facility, and determines whether or not a license should be issued. Applicants, owners, and employees of licensed child care facilities must also submit fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for a Criminal Background Check, and their names must be checked against the Central Registry of Child Protection.  Fingerprint cards are used to obtain criminal record checks from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The same card is used for both the CBI and FBI criminal record checks.


  • Complete the following items on each card: Name (full name), Aliases (all aliases), Citizenship, Social Security Number, Address, and Reason Fingerprinted (CRS 26-6-107).

  • Also, be certain to complete the physical description portion of the card (Sex, Race, Height, Weight, Eyes, and Hair), Date of Birth, and Place of Birth. Leave the “Employer and Address” space blank. 

  • Take the fingerprint card(s) to a local law enforcement agency, such as a police department or sheriff’s office, for fingerprinting.Fingerprints cards can be obtained and fingerprinting can be completed at State Forms located at 4999 Oakland Street, Denver, CO 80239.The official taking the fingerprints must sign and date the card(s) and witness the signature of the individual(s) being fingerprinted. 


PLEASE DO NOT FOLD THE FINGERPRINT CARDS. If more fingerprint cards are needed, contact the Division of Child Care, Colorado Department of Human Services at 303-866-5958 or 1-800-799-5876.   


Two separate checks will be required:

  • Check payable to the "Colorado Department of Human Services" to cover the application fee.

  • Check payable to "CBI" to cover the CBI and FBI fees. 


Fee Schedule

Click here for the fee schedule.


FBI and CBI Fingerprint fees: 

Click here for instructions regarding background checks and related fees.


FBI Fingerprint Fees:

House bill 11-1145 passed in the 2011 session of the Colorado Legislature, mandates that all employees hired on or after August 10, 2011 at any licensed child care facility, except summer camps operating for less than 90 calendar days, shall complete a FBI background check in addition to the CBI, TRAILS, and ICON background checks currently required by law. The additional fee for a FBI background check is $22.00. Providers or prospective employees will submit their fingerprint card through the normal procedure, but will attach the additional fee.


Portability of Background Checks

House Bill 11-1102 passed in the 2011 session of the Colorado Legislature, creates limited portability of criminal background checks in limited circumstances, which became effective on August 10, 2011.


Return the following items to the Division of Child Care:

  • Completed and signed Original Application for a Child Care Center License Completed fingerprint cards 

  • Completed and signed Background Investigation Unit Facility Inquiry Form and separate check or money order (if required)

  • Check or money order, payable to the Colorado Department of Human Services (for the Original Child Care Center Application fee, CBI fee and FBI fee)

  • Mail all items listed to: Application Processing Division of Child Care, Colorado Department of Human Services, 1575 Sherman Street, 1st Floor, Denver, CO 80203-1714.


After the Division of Child Care receives the items above and processes your application, a licensing specialist will contact you to set-up a time to inspect your home to verify that you have complied with all of the licensing rules and regulations.



If you have additional questions, please call 303-866-5958 or 1-800-799-5876 to speak with a licensing specialist. 

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