The Colorado Children's Trust Fund (CCTF) was established in 1989 by the General Assembly of the state of Colorado through House Bill 1216. 



The purpose of the Trust Fund is to prevent the abuse and neglect of Colorado’s children.  The Colorado Children's Trust Fund is authorized in Colorado Statute within the Children’s Code (Title 19), article 3.5, sections 101 through 109. The statute determines the structure of the CCTF Board of Directors, the powers and duties of the directors, the source of funding for the CCTF and the structure for disbursement of those funds. 


The Trust Fund is actively pursuing better lives for Colorado's children by maintaining focus on the following two goals:


1. Reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect for Colorado's children.
2. Reduce the need for state intervention in child abuse prevention and education.


Objectives and Activities to support achievement of the above goals are to:

  • Enhance communities' capacity to prevent child abuse and neglect by allocating CCTF funds annually for primary and secondary child abuse and neglect prevention programs to community-based organizations with a majority of the funds targeted to programs focusing on parents/caregivers prenatally and up to the first three years of children's lives.

  • Increase the number of parents/caregivers who are educated in healthy, positive and protective child-raising skills.

  • Support public education (e.g., conferences, workshops, seminars) that increase participants' knowledge and understanding of child abuse and neglect prevention and/or positive parenting skills that ensures the health, safety and well-being of children; provides information on prevention programs; and raises awareness.

  • Promote the exchange of information on prevention programs.

  • Monitor funded programs and support program evaluation activities.

  • Increase financial resources for the CCTF to advance its mission.

  • Ensure sustainability of effective child abuse and neglect prevention programs in local communities.

  • Improve prevention planning and management processes and systems of the CCTF.


Services Provided By CCTF:

The Colorado Children's Trust Fund currently funds evidence based parent education programs. Example programs include the Nurturing Parenting Program, Smart Parenting, Incredible Years, and Better Start for Babies. 


Evaluation results have shown that families who complete the research-based parent education curricula supported by the Colorado Children’s Trust Fund showed significant increases in family cohesion and family independence and a concurrent significant decrease in family conflict. Furthermore, these improvements continued when families were evaluated a year later. Parents have also indicated high degrees of satisfaction with the programs.


Colorado Children's Trust Fund - Fiscal Year 2015 Grantees:

Catholic Charities Pueblo

The Conflict Center

Growing Home

Gunnison County Department of Human Services

Spanish Peaks Regional Home Health Center

United Way of Weld County


Approximate Amount Distributed this Fiscal Year 2014-2015 for Parenting Education Programs: $113,000

*additional CCTF funds are utilized in 2014-2015  to further knowledge of child maltreatment prevention field and to cover administrative costs



Colorado Children's Trust Fund Board:

The Colorado Children's Trust Fund is governed by a 9 person advisory board of directors with unique backgrounds to support and guide the work supported by the trust fund dollars. For the most current list of CCTF Board of Directors please Click Here. 


CCTF Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Colorado Deparmtnet of Human Services (Denver Office) from 1pm-3pm. For a list of 2015 meetings dates please Click Here.


For details regarding the monthly board meeting details please refer to the monthly agendas posted below:

August 19, 2014 Agenda

September 30, 2014 Agenda 

November 18, 2014 Agenda

December 16, 2014 Agenda



News and Updates:

In January 2015, OEC’s Child Maltreatment Prevention Unit will release multiple funding solicitations (including CCTF funding) for State Fiscal Year 2016. The State of Colorado began transitioning to a new financial management system called the Colorado Operations Resource Engine (CORE). Because of this transition, all entities interested in receiving notices of funding opportunities and/or responding to solicitations must register with the Colorado Vendor Self Service (ColoradoVSS) system here. Entities previously registered in the ColoradoBIDS system need to “activate” their accounts in ColoradoVSS as demonstrated in the ColoradoVSS VendorRegistration Quick Start Guide



For Additional Information Contact

Kendra Dunn

Child Maltreatment Prevention Director

Email: Kendra.Dunn@state.co.us

Phone: 303.866.5769


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