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Early Childhood Teacher

Who Should Apply

Individuals who are seeking employment as an Early Childhood Teacher assigned responsibility for a single group of children working under the supervision of a director, may apply and obtain an Official Early Childhood Teacher Qualification Verification Letter from CDHS, Division of Early Care and Learning. Currently, an Early Childhood Teacher Verification letter is not required for employment.


How to Apply

To begin the process, an application must be completed, submitted to the center director for review and verification with all required documentation including original transcripts. Photocopies, computer printouts, faxed transcripts, grade reports, etc., cannot be substituted for original transcripts. Once the Director has verified the information the application will be submitted to the Division of Child Care for issuance of an Early Childhood Teacher Verification letter.


Completing the Application

The applicant must fill out forms A, B, and C (all 3 forms are inside the application) and submit them to the appropriate early care and learning facility manager, such as the Director, Education Manager or Human Resources Director. The manager must perform the following:


Please Note: An original transcript (though not necessarily official/sealed transcript) from a Regionally Accredited college must accompany all Forms submitted to the Department.


Checklist of Materials to Submit With Your Application


Where to Send Your Application

Early Childhood Teacher Qualifications

CDHS, Division of Early Care and Learning

1575 Sherman Street, 1st Floor

Denver, CO 80203-1714


Following the Submission of Your Application

Once all documents are submitted, the Department will determine if the applicant meets the requirements for Early Childhood Teacher qualification. The applicant’s original transcript will be returned to the applicant at the center once the applicant’s name has been entered into the division’s database. The applicant will receive one of the following types of letters:

  1. A final letter indicating that you are fully qualified. Because we do not issue licenses or certificates to Early Childhood Teachers, this is verification that you are Early Childhood Teacher qualified.

  2. A letter indicating that you are not qualified to function as an Early Childhood Teacher and what you are lacking.

Regionally Accrediting Organizations Recognized by the Division


Foreign Transcript/Equivalency Services Resource List


Early Childhood Teacher Equivalency Charts


Memorandum of Understanding


Applications and Forms

Application (Forms A, B, C)

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