Established in 1993 by the 59th General Assembly of the state of Colorado through Senate Bill 131.  The current Family Centers Statute, Legislative Declaration 26-18-101 guides the work of the program.


FRCP is currently supported with funds from the Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) program at the Administration for Children and Families.  



The Family Resource Center Program (FRCP) is dedicated to creating stronger Colorado families by providing support to vulnerable families through statewide family resource centers.  FRCP uses training, technical assistance and grants to establish and maintain family resource centers across Colorado.


Components of a Family Resource Center Program:  

a) Family Development: family-centered comprehensive, coordinated case management approach using a proven, research-based model (required at all family resource centers)

b) Resource Information and Referral: helping families connect with and access local resources (required at all family resource centers)

c) Additional Programs may include: Healthy Living; Early Childhood Education; Parenting; Youth Development; Emergency Assistance and other programs.


Over 56,000 families are served by Family Resource Centers each year.  Of those over 2,500 families opt to receive comprehensive coordinated case management services, helping them navigate the pathways to economic, educational, social and health success for all generations, moving families from crisis, to self-reliance.


Services Provided:

Current services funded by Federal CBCAP grants focus on providing evidence-based parenting education programs offered in Family Resource Centers. The parenting classes currently funded utilize the following curricula - Active Parenting, Incredible Years, Nurturing Parenting Programs, and Parents As Teachers. 


Current Grantees for Fiscal Year 2014-2015:

Arapahoe County Early Childhood Center

Aurora Community Connectios

Chaffee County 

Colorado Judicial

Community Partnership

Denver Indian Family Resource Center

Developmental Opportunities- Starpoint Family Resource Center

El Paso County

Family and Intercultural Resource Center

Florence Crittenton

Focus Points

Hilltop Community 

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

La Familia Family Resource Center

La Llave Family Resource Center

La Plata Family Resource Center

Lowry Family Center

Lutheran Family Services

Mile High Montessori

Morgan County Family Resource Center

Mountain Family Centers

Mountain Resource Centers

Pinon Project

Prairie Family Center

Regional Home Visitation

Roaring Fork Family Resource Center

Steamboat Springs Dicovery Learning Center

Tri-County Family Care Center


For a map of counties currently served by CBCAP funding please click here.


Approximate Amount Distributed to this Fiscal Year 2014-2015 for Parenting Education Programs: $420,000

*additional CBCAP funds are utilized in 2014-2015  to further knowledge of child maltreatment prevention field and to cover administrative costs



News and Updates:

In January 2015, OEC’s Child Maltreatment Prevention Unit will release multiple funding solicitations (including CCTF funding) for State Fiscal Year 2016. The State of Colorado began transitioning to a new financial management system called the Colorado Operations Resource Engine (CORE). Because of this transition, all entities interested in receiving notices of funding opportunities and/or responding to solicitations must register with the Colorado Vendor Self Service (ColoradoVSS) system here. Entities previously registered in the ColoradoBIDS system need to “activate” their accounts in ColoradoVSS as demonstrated in the ColoradoVSS VendorRegistration Quick Start Guide. 


For more information contact:

Kendra Dunn

Child Maltreatment Prevention Director


Phone: 303.866.5769



Other Links and Info:

The family resource centers are also supported by the Family Resource Center Association

CLICK HERE to be directed to the FRCA website for more detailed information about their member centers and model.







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